Evergreen Kids Academy

Let your children grow with laughter, wonder, and knowledge
I am your child’s Chinese teacher, Ms Mary. I am very pleased to teach at Evergreen Kids Academy. 

Children will be given the opportunity to be exposed to this very popular foreign language. For our Chinese Enrichment Program we will be learning basic Chinese characters, numbers, body parts such as eyes, ears and mouth, animals, greetings, family members and colors. These will be learned through singing songs, playing games, drawings and writing.

Learning Chinese at an early age will benefit the children as they grow older and gain a respect for other cultures. Knowing another language is a powerful learning tool and skill set. I am sure that they will enjoy the fun of learning Chinese language.
My name is Ms. Nadia and I have the pleasure to be a part of the Evergreen Kids Academy community both as a parent and Spanish teacher.  Born and raised in Mexico, a country rich in culture, traditions, heritage, colors, flavors, and warmth help me to create a wonderful experience for the children.

Every Friday, the children and I spend time dancing, singing, playing, reading books, and working while learning Spanish.  We learn new vocabulary in Spanish such as greetings, numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, the four seasons, and much more!  I enjoy sharing my culture and language with the children!






26 William Street. Closter NJ

Phone: 201-660-1171


My name is Ms. ANN. I am a professional orchestral musician in Manhattan, and my instrument is violin. 
Here are some things we will do in each class:
- Sing songs of many kinds, including traditional tunes, songs that teach counting, songs about geography, hand
and finger play songs, and songs with movement.
- Learn to play many different rhythms on rhythm sticks!
- Find out about all the instruments of the orchestra – what they look like, how they sound, what they can do,
what family they are in!
- Hear and learn about the music of great composers like Bach and Mozart.
- We will listen to (and have some dramatic fun) with terrific children’s pieces like peter and the Wolf and
Carnival of the Animals.
I am looking forward to sharing my love of music with your children and having lots of fun in our class!